With all of the talk about electric bikes lately, we thought we would take the time to explain what they are and why you should buy your first e-bike. Keep reading to learn more…

What Is An ‘E-Bike’?

So what exactly is an ‘e-bike’? E-bikes, also known as ‘EAPC’s (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycles) or ‘Pedelecs’, are basically that.

An electrically powered bicycle which also has the ability to be human powered via the traditional pedaling methods we all learned as a child.

There are a wide range of different types and brands of e-bike on the market, but they all have a similar electric motor, gearbox, and battery configuration.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Riding An E-bike:

Travel faster – With the electric motor providing assistance as you pedal, you’ll soon get up to cruising speed. You can rack up good speeds without pedaling viciously, meaning fast cycling with minimal effort.

Travel further – Say goodbye to tired legs! E-bikes help you cover the miles without tiring you out, because the electric motor takes a lot of the effort out of pedaling. You’ll be sailing along, gently pedaling without realizing you’re cycling so far.

Get fit and healthy – There’s a common misconception that, because e-bikes make cycling easier, they aren’t as good as regular bikes for getting fit and healthy. But the truth is the opposite! Study after study has shown that people still get a great workout riding an e-bike.
Cycle more often – If you often wish you cycled more, but find the willpower lacking, e-bikes could be the answer. A small study in Boulder, Colorado, in 2016 found that a month of commuting on an e-bike improved fitness and blood sugar levels.

Revolutionize your commute – There’s the fantasy of a conventional bike ride into work (showing up fresh as a daisy, right on time) and the reality of a standard bike commute (harried sprints upon realizing you’re not the Tour de France biker you thought you were, trying to hide your sweaty pits from your boss). But a commute on an electric bike turns that fantasy into a reality. Mate City available today for immediate delivery!


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